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We are starting with a course for men testing a new format, looking for feedback to see whether such content packaging finds its audience.

As a next step, we would like to create a course for women.

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To date artifacts most accurately, archaeologists need the context in which artifacts lie in the ground to be undisturbed.

This context may then be excavated to find associations between the artifacts and the organic materials required for radiocarbon dating.

Prokofiev, Beethoven, and Messiaen: you are invited to join Jean-François Zygel on a journey in his three new «Dating» rendezvous this season.

Zygel is joined by the OPL and also, for the first time, by the Ensemble intercontemporain for an unusual concert with visuals.

With the help of Magic Leone ( every man gets a chance to overcome his low-esteem or shyness.

We realize that dating is a universal topic which concerns everyone regardless of age, gender, orientation, and citizenship.

A few years ago, people having an incurable sexually transmitted disease such as HPV or HSV had no other option than to lead a life of solitude.

However, things have changed or rather improved since then.

"They apparently began dating with each other, I think, in the middle of the first movie ... but definitely they eventually broke up before the second movie," he said.

Szalona dziewczyna, której buty były takie same jak Twoje.

is the very first VR dating training course which will give a man the skillset to build a dating life he wishes for. 11 lessons and 7 practical interactive sessions will give men tools to enhance their power of attraction and develop behavior patterns to handle stress and anxiety.


  1. A good (Miami) man is that elusive unicorn who wants to get serious (about a relationship or any aspect of his life other than partying), has a real job (read: doesn't vaguely "do business"), and who can exert the slightest bit of effort (i.e., knows how to dial a phone, not just text on one). And then I realized I lived in Miami, and resolved to stop worrying about it. (Spoiler alert: The below is peppered with generalizations for the sake of argument.) You have to understand the mindset of the young (or not-so-young) Miami male and his Animal Planet-style natural habitat.

  2. Maybe even buy matching sweaters if you guys are 'bout that life. Whip your bods into shape together, whether it be with a ferocious hike up Eagle's Bluff or a brisk (but romantic) stroll along Buntzen Lake.

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