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While gathering these stories, the workshop participants were able to hone their skills in writing, photography and broadcast while gaining experience in the field of journalism.

Read more Certain individuals are choosing to stay unplugged from the internet while others are forced to be unplugged due to socioeconomic reasons.

Newton didn't start throwing to his teammates until training camp opened. What I'm being told is the doctor's pleased with where he is." While the Panthers will play four preseason games, the goal for Carolina is to have the 2015 NFL MVP ready to play when the regular season kicks off on Sept. Another all-star with Alabama football roots who won't play in his team's preseason opener is Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones.

Taobao has said it is investigating some of the vendors engaging in the practice, but only because certain videos violate China’s advertising law by using superlatives like “best” and “strongest” to describe products.

Meet Shakira, whom Newton considers his stepdaughter.

Short videos can also be purchased, where a person behind the camera coaches the children on how to recite the message in Mandarin. Their popularity, the vendor says, can be attributed to “China’s obsession with all things foreign.” “Many people here have never been out of the country — they haven’t seen foreigners,” the vendor said.

For these photos and videos, the vendors usually request between ¥10 ($1.50) and ¥200 ($30), promising delivery within a couple days. “So they think it would definitely be interesting for foreigners to do ads for them.” Likewise, a member from the China Africa Project tells “The vast majority of Chinese people you meet on the streets of Guangzhou have probably never interacted with someone of another race or ethnicity.” Comparable video services have been found and abused in other countries.

It is hard work for both parties and I respect any stepparent that takes full responsibility of a God sent child.

Miami Montage explored the role of technological innovation in the South Florida community.

-- Over the weekend, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton shared a birthday message for a girl who changed his life five years ago.

Newton and long-time girlfriend Kia Proctor have two children, a 1-year-old son named Chosen Sebastian and a newborn daughter whose name hasn't been revealed.

This message isn't to brag or to even complain about my situation, but this is just real talk.

Being labeled a stepdad is hard on the parent just as much as it is for the child to accept it.

If push comes to shove, I believe you do what you need to do.

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