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Perched on a curve on the coastline of obscure south-west Africa, the city’s main claim on our attention has long been the bloody civil war that racked the country since its independence in 1975 until 2002.Yet Angola boasts a fabulous £15.3 billion worth of international oil reserves – its ‘Ouro Negro’ or black gold.

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‘But I didn’t expect to pay £32 for a room-service hamburger,’ he splutters.

‘Down in the street market where we were filming a dance sequence I came across fake Vans sneakers for £58, on a stall next to a woman killing chickens with her bare hands.’A one-bedroom apartment in the city centre costs £7,500 a month to rent. Ana Cristiana Pinto, an attractive 23-year-old who was sent out of the country for her education, as were many Angolans during the long and bloody civil war, explains: ‘For many years we had nothing here. This helps explain how a pair of Puma trainers can cost £185 and why the room-service spaghetti bolognese in our hotel restaurant is £32.

Oil exports from here make it Africa’s second-largest after Nigeria and foreigners are flocking here to work.

Offices and accommodation are in short supply and the expats are overloading the city with their demands.

Studies show that the San carry some of the most divergent (oldest) Y-chromosome haplogroups, specific sub-groups of A and B, the two earliest branches on the human Y-chromosome tree, suggesting they may be descendents of a population ancestral to all modern humans.

The departure of mankind from Africa involved them crossing the much lower waters of the Red Sea and moving along the green coastlines and interior of Arabia and on to the rest of Eurasia.

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