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The devastating ecological consequences of human arrival are well documented on many East Polynesian islands and show striking similarities in terms of deforestation (2) and faunal extinctions or declines (3–11), with one model suggesting dispersal from West Polynesia as early as 200 B. (1, 9, 10) after a pause of ≈500–1,000 years and another suggesting it began ≈800 A. after a delay of several thousand years (8, 12–16).

These divergent chronologies and their related models of ecological and anthropological change result directly from various interpretations of conflicting radiocarbon dates on the earliest-dated archaeological sites, deforestation, Pacific rat introduction, and faunal extinctions from East Polynesia and have created many hotly debated “long” and “short” settlement chronologies (e.g., refs. These unresolved and contradictory age models currently hinder our understanding of the timing and processes of prehistoric human dispersal from West Polynesia (17) and rates of anthropogenic environmental change, faunal extinction, population growth, technological change, development of regionality in material culture and horticultural expansion on each island (18).

"The thing that's so different about this heat wave is that it's so long, this early in June," said Hannah Chandler, spokesperson for the National Weather Service (NWS), Sacramento.

The region is currently in its fourth of five days of temperatures reaching above 100 degrees, depending on the location, and the excessive heat is expected to continue throughout Friday."There's only been a few examples of this number of consecutive days of heat wave in June," Chandler said, referring to the Sacramento and Central Valley region.

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A new dating approach is required to help determine the actual chronological sequence and pattern of ecological and anthropological change on Polynesian islands.

We illustrate this approach here using New Zealand, the southernmost archipelago of East Polynesia, because it provides an excellent case study where an unresolved polarized debate persists about the time of initial human colonization (18) roost sites (20, 21) and distinctive rat-gnawed woody seed cases bearing the tell-tale incisor marks of seed predation found preserved in sediments (15, 22).If time allows you may visit a French port before finishing your Challenge back at Universal Marina on the beautiful River Hamble, with a staggering 1500nm added to your log book.A donation of £600 is suggested for each of the 3 remaining places with all the proceeds going directly to the Rona Sailing Project.California's sizzling heat this week is breaking records dating back more than 70 years.The Sacramento and Central Valley are in the middle of a long streak of triple-digit days, which is rare to see at this time of the year.Our method exploits the fact that the omnivorous rat was transported throughout the Pacific by prehistoric people and multiplied rapidly after its initial introduction.


  1. The U-series laboratory focuses on development and application of U-series dating techniques to provide a robust chronological framework for palaeoclimatology, archaeology and human evolution.

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