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Advanced students should be doing Algebra 1 in 8th grade, Geometry in 9th, Algebra 2 in 10th, and starting Calculus as a Junior.If possible, you want to take an "advanced class", meaning that you are in a class with other highly motivated students who are your age, rather than taking a "regular" class that is a grade level ahead of you.

In my experience the junior high schools have students scheduled into whatever is needed to meet the requirements of the highest-level state schools, but I've been mostly affiliated with privileged school districts, and can imagine for some kids that this isn't the case.

It's worth checking your state university system admissions requirements if this is a concern for you.---* School districts are political entities that usually are parts of a city/town or the entire city/town, and sometimes encompass several cities/towns.

To expand: School districts* covering k-12 (typically age 5-18) in the US are usually in one of these configurations, where the earliest grades are called 'elementary school' and the years ending in grade 12 are 'high school': Colleges "count" grades 9-12 in admissions requirements, but particularly in those school districts that have 9th graders attending a different school AND a competitive high school, some colleges will make allowances for lower grades achieved in 9th grade.

Also, for admissions requirements for state schools, the requirements begin in 9th grade.

I understand that every school teaches differently, but what is usually the standard?

And I'm talking about 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. Broken down into basic and advanced curricula, says: for those who prefer to not follow links: Algebra I / Geometry I Precalculus / Calculus Senior year electives might include: Statistics (I took a computer science course.) Oh ok Am I behind? My school offers 8th Grade (Intro to Alg or Alg) 9th Algebra 1 or Geometry 10th Geometry or Algebra 2 11th Pre-Calc/Pre Calc AB 12th Calculus I Math is my best subject.

Isaac Newton was just a kid when he INVENTED Calculus, and you CAN learn this on your own.

In most states, if she turns 15 before he turns 18, then it is probably perfectly legal for them to be together.

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