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Crashed near Ellicott, CO and was assigned to 10th PRS. 41-11626 Consolidated B-24D-CO Liberator MSN 105/122 11609 "Little Eva" was HALPRO aircraft #06. Lost with 93rd BG on Ploesti raid Rumania Aug 1, 1943. I have another reference (Al Blue) which has this plane as having been scrapped Nov 20, 1944. 11615 was HALPRO #20 'Mona the Lame Duck', condemned Jul 23, 1942 11616 was *Arkansas Traveler* HALPRO #14, later 376th BG. Crashed into sea during convoy escort duty Aug 12, 1942. 1985 recovered (together with fellow P-47 13021) from Belgrade by collector Doug Arnold and stored at Bitteswell, Leics with other aircraft forming his Warbirds of Great Britain Collection. Registered as N3152D to Charles F Nichols 11Oct91, current. 57754 (MSN 10124) proposed EC-82A conversion cancelled. Scrapped at Long Beach airport, California in 1972.

2150 condemned Jul 8, 1944 2151 condemned Jul 8, 1944 2152 wrecked near Peterson Field, CO Mar 21, 1943. To CL-26 2378 salvaged Dec 15, 1942 2379 to reclamation at Colorado Springs, CO May 12, 1945 2380 condemned Jul 8, 1944 2381 surveyed Jul 27, 1942 41-11609 ... 11613 was HALPRO #10 'Florine Jo Jo/Blue Streak', later to 93rd BG. Condemned inventory Jul 8, 1944 11619 to RAF as Liberator III FK235. Transferred to Indian AF Sep 25, 1946 as MA968 93620 (MSN 13552) intended to RAF as KG685, but diverted to USSR Jun 1944. Marko Beloglavecs researches indicate that 13064 later formed part of the collection of Belgrades engineering college, and then went to the Aeronautical Museum, from where it was sold, presumably to Doug Arnold. Yankee Air Corps, Chino, CA, September 13, 1991-1992. Retired 1959 49379 to Chile in 1953 as 766 49385 (MSN 399-55924) Delivered to USAAF July 20, 1945. Delivered to Peruvian AF as 549 (later reserialed as 127). 57752 (MSN 10122) proposed EC-82A conversion cancelled. 57753 (MSN 10123) proposed EC-82A conversion cancelled.

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