9th grader dating a 7th grader

I still have doubts about whether this relationship contract found and tweeted by founder Max Linsky (@maxlinsky) today is real.

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Amy(Autumn Whisper), you have a good point, yeah I think it's better that the older one in this 'relationship' is the female, lol.

But ummm, I know when I was a 9th grader, sex-type things were already on the mind, eek, bad I know.

But I didn't have sex until almost 17 with my now-husband, lol. But anywho, yeah..I was 15 I certainly wasn't thinking about being with any 12 yr old boys, I was more wanting a bf my own age or a bit older.

And that's how it was, when I met my husband I was 15, he was 17.

Here are the tools you'll need to carry out the Family Experience for the 9th Grade called, "Money Matters" Our hope and prayer is that this experience and the other tools provided will help you better understand your teenager and their needs and to equip you to strategically pass on your faith to your child.

Okay..I would like to hear your opinions on this one. However, he looks a lot older, or so most people say anyways. Is this like middle school dating, or high school dating.It’s important that parents make good on their threats of punishment.If you tell your 7th grader you’re going to ground her if you get another report saying she isn’t doing her homework, then you need to ground her.“Our lives are so busy, we don’t follow through on consequences,” Rakow says.For parents struggling with how much to hover during homework time, Rakow offers this advice: Let the first half of the first marking period go by without intervening unless she asks for help.Once you get initial feedback from the school, adjust the game plan accordingly.The 9th grader is begining their high school experience and growing closer to adulthood. Social activities, "needing" the latest greatest gadget or clothes can become very expensive.


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