Aaron yan gui gui dating classic dating headlines

i mean, iv heard rumors that he's with guigui, but i seriously doubt it.

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They had many secrets to share given the long time that Gui Gui, Aaron Yan and Xiao Gui had together on set.

guilun is just so cute together anyone know when this episode of wo ai hei se hui will air?

’’ Gui Gui said to Aaron Yan: ‘’I want to honeymoon in Greece.’’ Aaron Yan replied: ’’But I want to go to Venice!

’’ Gui Gui replied: ‘’No, you have to follow my intention! puh-lease…cm’on…i think they are really make a cute on-screen couple even i’m not rooting them 2 be together in real life but nobody know what going 2 be happen in da future plus they are still young.i believe aaron make that statement in angry joke way…i’m support this drama…even i’m not huge fan of guilun…

As the cat was let out of the box, it caused Gui Gui to feel so shy that she felt like digging a hole to hide herself. ” Not long ago Aaron Yan told the media that if the viewership ratings of Pi Li MIT were to break 5, he would drive a motorcycle bare naked.

During the filming of Wo Ai He Se Hui today, Xiao Gui was asked what he would do.

Singer Actor Aaron Yan in Pink News again: Gui Gui and Aaron Yan Made Up On ‘Wo Ai Hei Se Hui’?!

And the real question is: Aaron Yan May Commit Suicide if Gui Gui Made Up on New Show with Other Male Actors or Singers?

’’ They are knocking on the happiness bell The place where they were filming had a happiness bell, Aaron and Gui Gui were bored and stepped forward and knocked the bell while they were looking at it.

The staff on the side frightened them with: ’’To knock means to marry!

have u seen Pi Li MIT and what do you think about it??


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