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With that being said you can be good with children. You're choosing to take on a role in a child's life. Either way, it's important to be supportive and civil. If that's not cool with you, maybe you should find someone who doesn't have children.If that's not something you're prepared for, maybe you shouldn't try to date a single mom. It can be daunting for both parties when dating a single mom given the circumstances. It's made me more meticulous as far as who I let around my son and I.

I didn't plan on ever being a single mom, but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Navigating the dating scene as a person who has a child, though, can be difficult. I have thick thighs and marks that cover them and my stomach from bearing my child. I don't look like someone you find in a magazine who looks perfect. But I do have so much love to give and I do so with my whole heart.

What if you meet someone, become serious with them, your child gets attached to them, and they leave? It's a huge insecurity of mine that makes me fear that I won't be attractive to anyone I may date. I'm loyal to a fault and I would never hurt the person I'm with.

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(2015) follows three devout Muslim women in Beirut, Lebanon, as they navigate their love lives within the rules and expectations of their religion.

Each central storyline explores a lesser-known aspect of what is permitted within the romantic lives of Muslim couples.

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WASHINGTON • My father and I have always been close, but he has never been a person I turned to for dating advice. While he wasn't the best at advice, he has set a good example.


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