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The theory of evolution is one of the fundamental keystones of modern biological theory. More than 2 million existing of organisms have been named and described; many more remain to be discovered—from 10 million to 30 million, according to some estimates.

What is impressive is not just the numbers but also the incredible heterogeneity in size, shape, and way of , measuring less than a thousandth of a millimetre in diameter, to stately sequoias, rising 100 metres (300 feet) above the ground and weighing several thousand tons; from bacteria living in hot springs at temperatures near the At the centre of the theory of evolution as proposed by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace were the concepts of variation and natural selection.

Some artist model ideas have been included with the lists below.

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"The most overlooked advantage of owning a computer is that if they foul up there's no law against whacking them around a bit." Eric Porterfield.

have their origin in other preexisting types and that the distinguishable differences are due to modifications in successive generations.

Lineages of organisms change through generations; diversity arises because the lineages that descend from common ancestors diverge through time., enormously advanced knowledge of biological evolution and made it possible to investigate detailed problems that had seemed completely out of reach only a short time previously—for example, how similar the s of humans and chimpanzees might be (they differ in about 1–2 percent of the units that make up the genes).

lawsuit against an online dating app has caused controversy in the world of intellectual property, and despite the settlement, the case could have potentially far-reaching effects for online dating in general. Second, Spark Networks alleged that JSwipe’s matchmaking formula and method violate its patented “Method and Apparatus for Detection of Reciprocal Interests or Feelings and Subsequent Notification” issued in ,” which means that consumers would mistakenly believe a product or service is associated with the source of a different product or service identified with a similar mark.

In that case, the Court refused to allow a patent that was simply a “method of organizing human activity,” since that method was too abstract.

According to Daniel Nazer, an attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Spark Networks patent infringement claim was “So now that JSwipe is officially affiliated with Spark Networks and JDate, the controversy should be over, right? As of October 2015, Spark Networks’ patent still exists and many large websites The apps most affected by this current patent regime are up-and-coming competing dating services like JSwipe that cannot necessarily afford to pay for use of the patent, especially at early stages in their development.

Person A’s interest in Person B remains hidden until Person B also indicates interest in Person A.

A “match” only occurs when the system determines that Person A and Person B both have .

"Beware of computer programmers that carry screwdrivers." Leonard Brandwein.


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