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Even though over 100,000 new rooms were added last year, hotel rates are expected to rise by a minimum of 4.0%, and they are also charging fees on amenities that were often gratis in the past.

In addition, hotels are offering shorter lead times on booking commitments, forcing planners to sign contracts earlier than in past years.

The cultural factors of ethnicity and language, attitudes to educational learning, education and prior learning, learning styles and socio-economic background were well supported by the external faculty.

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Planners are having to work more quickly and to commit farther in advance to secure key properties.

Planners are also having to meet increased attendee expectations.

For simplicity, this article considers “diverse” clients to be anyone who is not just like you—whether in mobility, language, education, emotional stability, intelligence, visual acuity, or other attributes.

Although you may know the law for the cases such clients bring you, you would be wise to consider additional factors that will arise in working with these new clients.

The term "culture" has been in common use for a long time.

However there is no universally accepted definition and hence it is important to define clearly what culture means in a particular research context.

In 2011, Hire Immigrants Ottawa presented VCSC with an Employer Excellence Award in recognition for its promising practices.

For example, to build cultural awareness at the workplace, diversity training is offered to all staff members.

The teacher took field notes three or four times per week and kept a personal journal.

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