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The rooms had a kitchen with a refrigerator, stove, and microwave, and a large bathroom facility with a shower. Something is always going on for the people if they want to participate. I had a very positive tour at Emeritus at Fox River. I think they got everything there and it seemed very quiet.

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They seemed really pushy and wanted us to sign papers right away. We had an appointment there so they knew we were coming. A meal plan and activities are in the deal as well.

They had a separate area for people with dementia, who were more locked in. I visited Brookdale Appleton (Formerly Emeritus at Fox River). Everything was perfectly clean, and everybody was very friendly. Every time an apartment becomes available, they redo the inside with new paint and everything. They actually have at least 1 full time activity director.

Family: Two kids 12 & under Stay Free when sharing room with two paying adults (valid 5/01-12/23/17).

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