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Earl Babbie defines it as "the study of recorded human communications, such as books, websites, paintings and laws. Farooq Joubish, content analysis is considered a scholarly methodology in the humanities by which texts are studied as to authorship, authenticity, or meaning.

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Dr Laurie Field The concept of learning styles is a very attractive one. The logic of putting time and money into measuring student learning styles Unfortunately, the challenges of accommodating learning styles are far more complex, as a recent ICVET project has demonstrated.

If everyone has a unique learning style, and if educators could design learning activities to match each person's preferred style (something which shouldn't be too difficult, especially with the power of computers and elearning), imagine how easily and quickly students could learn! The project, completed in mid-2005, involved an extensive literature review and series of in-depth interviews with teachers, in an effort to examine the concept of 'learning style' and its applications in TAFE.

When you understand your preferred learning styles, you can bring a greater sense of control and flexibility to the demands of each course as required.

The following categories suggest learning styles, but are actually learning modalities.

You can learn to draw upon several learning styles and modalities, trying a different style and studying approach to new material, as learning situations warrant.

Another way of identifying learning preference is the dichotomy of cognitive styles known as These cognitive styles describe the way people process information.A number of learning style models can be found in the research on this subject.These fall into general categories such as information processing, personality patterns, and social interaction (Conner, 2004).But are classroom teachers always prepared to try matching their teaching styles with learning styles of their students?Do they always remember to cater to different learning styles?This article reminds the teachers of the need to be aware of individual learning styles and learner diversity.


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