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After you activate a plan, you can create one or more billing agreements, or actual subscriptions, that you base on the plan.The agreement inherits information from the referenced plan.

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So, when reviewing invoice history data, the original submitting user can differ from the paid status user.

For Legal Precision/Examen, e Billing Hub needs both the Legal Precision file number and the Legal Precision matter number.

You also supply customer and payment information and, optionally, can override the referenced plan's merchant preferences and shipping fees and taxes.

You can create an agreement for a recurring credit card, bank card, or Pay Pal payment.

As an e Billing Hub Admin, you can manage this setting by following the below steps: The location path must be valid for all e Billing Hub users, and it should be a shared folder to which all e Billing Hub users can read/write.

If you receive an error message when trying to save invoices, you do not have access to this folder.

If you purchased your subscription directly through our website (not a mobile app), use the following directions to change your credit card and billing preferences.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I'm being charged directly through Pandora.

If it is a billing-related issue, we will refer them back to you. No, you are able to specify a contact email address that we would use per account.

One option for billing your clients is a WHMCS module created by a third party developer. However, if one of your clients reaches out to us for help, we will provide as much support as possible.

Before changing your credit card or billing information, please double-check your billing statement to confirm which vendor is charging you for your Pandora Subscription. Back To Top ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I'm being charged by i Tunes.


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