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Adult cam feeds

Even if they take food from your hand, they'll still run or jump into the water to swallow it.

Many keepers recommend feeding turtles in a separate tank from the one they live in.

There are many different species of aquatic turtles, and each of them has their own needs in terms of food, temperature, lighting, and habitat.

This page is just an introduction that talks about the needs of aquatic turtles in general, and provides links to care sheets for specific turtle species. The most important things that all aquatic turtles need are: The exact feeding requirements for turtles vary by species.

The video cuts out at that point, so the dinner scene is left to viewers’ imaginations.

[Sorry, birdwatchers: People think you’re creepy] Here’s the video. Live-cam viewers, of course, saw it all play out, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that some were “squeamish or disturbed.” The Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania responded on its Facebook page with a post reminding people that nature “isn’t always kind or pretty.” (Case in point: After a baby bald eagle died on another webcam in Hanover, Pa., its carcass “eventually deteriorated and was slowly stomped into the structure of the nest,” the Post-Gazette reported.) The Pittsburgh cat was probably already dead when it was brought to the nest, the Audubon Society said, though it wasn’t clear whether it met its demise at the claws of an eagle.

Proponents of keeping cats indoors offer several arguments to make their case.

Roaming cats prey on birds and can get squashed by trucks, they say, and might die horrible deaths by eating rat poison or lapping up anti-freeze.

But there are several important things you need to know about feeding any aquatic turtle.

The first thing you need to understand is that aquatic turtles have to be in the water to eat because they need the water to wash down their food.

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