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The findings are from the 2007 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), an annual in-person survey of Americans regarding their health- and illness-related experiences.

The CAM section gathered information on 23,393 adults aged 18 years or older and 9,417 children aged 17 years and under.

Native habitat and plant restoration at Meadowdale Beach County Park.

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In the United States, approximately 38 percent of adults (about 4 in 10) and approximately 12 percent of children (about 1 in 9) are using some form of CAM, shown in figure 1. However, CAM use among adults is greater among women and those with higher levels of education and higher incomes.

Figure 2 shows the percentage of people using CAM by age. Figure 2: CAM Use by Age (2007) Figure 3: CAM Use by Race/Ethnicity Among Adults (2007) Nonvitamin, nonmineral natural products are the most commonly used CAM therapy among adults.

Worked with plant nurseries to acquire native plant species for restoration of local salmon habitat.

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A similar CAM section was included in the 2002 NHIS, providing the opportunity to examine trends in CAM use, too..

Complementary medicine is used together with conventional medicine, and alternative medicine is used in place of conventional medicine.

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