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Informacionet dhe lajmet më të reja në këtë portal të paparë deri më tani në rajonin më të gjerë, do t’ua sjellin mjeshtër të njohur të gazetarisë shqiptare që janë tërësisht të mbështetur me emrin e gazetarësh të njohur në fushën e showbiz-it, të cilët donin të sillnin në Shqipëri modelin ndërkombëtar të një tabloidi.

“After the latest incident, we are discussing a number of possibilities, like adding security guards and cameras and other security systems,” Bumci said.

“However, the financial cost of these systems is large and money has to be allocated for a long list of monuments,” he added.

Akivaizdi abipusė nauda lemia elektroninių parduotuvių populiarumą bei sėkmę.

Tačiau norint užsiimti prekyba inernetu, reikia ne tik kokybiškų, paklausių prekių geromis kainomis, bet ir naujoviškos, klientui patogios bei akį traukiančios internetinės parduotuvės.

They remain doubtful that a problem that has been going for so long can be resolved with few more security cameras.

Without creating new, well-funded administrative structures, they maintain, the tragic loss of the fresco is doomed to be repeated.

“Graphic Box” atlieka šias elektroninių parduotuvių kūrimo paslaugas: Graphic Box komanda užsiima mobilių aplikacijų – apps’ų - kūrimu – nuo pačių paprasčiausių, vos kelias funkcijas turinčių, iki rimtų, sudėtingų projektų.

CRM tai akronimas angliškam terminui Customer Relationship Management, reiškiantis santykių su klientais valdymą.

The root of their loneliness largely relates to a lack of meaningful relationships with non-related age peers – having a chat, remembering old times, socialising with others when family members are busy, talking about intimate matters they cannot or will not share with relatives – which supports the argument of loneliness scholars that different types of relationships serve different functions and fulfil different needs.

Having more contact with people outside the family circle, especially with co-ethnic peers, could reduce these feelings of loneliness substantially, but factors such as discrimination and lack of Italian language proficiency, free time, financial resources and nearby contact facilities are hindrances.

This study focuses on the social wellbeing of older migrants in Italy, an important yet neglected topic in the Italian political and scholarly debate.

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