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A young man who lived in Slave Lake all his life realized his addiction and was determined to come clean.After registering in 2 recovery programs in Edmonton without success, he decided to put his trust in a mentor who took him to Vancouver where he experienced success.

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When returning to Slave Lake, he discontinued relationships with friends who used drugs unless they agreed to come clean.

He saw a need for a support group in Slave Lake where many are addicted to crack cocaine , marijuana, and prescription drug abuse or pill addiction.

Read more Family violence is a serious social issue and some forms are criminal.

For information about family violence resources available in your community, phone the 24-hour Family Violence Info Line at 310-1818, toll-free in Alberta. If you have children, you must keep them safe at all times.

Students will require one or more of the following downloads (some are course specific) to complete their online courses.

They are the best way to help protect you or your child from certain infectious diseases.

A victim of family violence has the right to: You should NOT confront a violent person. To ensure their safety, you need to talk to them about what is going on. An abuser can track your Internet activities, including websites you have visited and searches you have done.


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