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The fortress was supplemented by watchtowers, mosques and small palaces.

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The most important brands of the world and of Turkey will meet in Kültürpark in Izmir where great steps have been taken to create a city of design and innovation.

The show brings together all requirements and innovations closely related to the industry such as R&D, marketing, quality control and consultation as well as food raw materials, ingredients, excipients and natural contents.

Perhaps Alexander the Great or King Croesus fought against their enemies on the same spot you are traveling.

Graceful aqueducts built by the Romans made urban concentrations possible.

These were people of different origin, coming in waves and mingling with those already settled, each time creating a new synthesis. Up until the advent of modernity (which in Turkey is associated with the comprehensive highway program of the 1950's) the landscape had remained as it was through millennia.

When you see a replica of one of the first agrarian villages in the world, dating back to almost 7,000 B.

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