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New policies are seen instantly on both NSX and Mc Afee e PO.Mc Afee MOVE Anti Virus supports VMware clusters and allows customers to fully automate the deployment of a security virtual appliance to hundreds of hypervisor hosts simultaneously, saving time, effort, and resources.The official groundbreaking ceremony of a joint Russian-Chinese University took place in the city of Shenzhen in China.

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New Mc Afee e Policy Orchestrator (Mc Afee e PO) policies are seen instantly on both the NSX and Mc Afee e PO console.

Email Mc Afee The latest version of Mc Afee MOVE Anti Virus now is integrated and certified with VMware NSX which provides automatic detection of NSX, automatic policy assignment, and SVA deployment on a new host in an NSX environment, thereby providing instant protection for virtual machines.

More than half of the teachers of the new Russian-Chinese University will be selected by MSU; the others will be selected from all over the world.

The University will accept both Chinese and foreign students to study at the undergraduate and graduate programs.

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After graduation, the students will receive a diploma from the university along with a diploma from the Moscow State University of Lomonosov.

This joint Russian-Chinese project will be created on the basis of the Moscow State University and the Beijing Institute of Technology, with the support of the Government of Shenzhen City.

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