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' He writes back four seconds later: 'That could be arranged.' This is my kind of guy." 6) Sexxxytime (and train tickets): "Before I can ask if he wants Italian or Thai, he kisses my lips, wraps his tender arms around my waist, and walks us down the cobblestone street, under the Manhattan Bridge and the splitting skies. After that night, which rocked both my body and mind, Chef starts buying me train tickets to visit him every weekend in D.

C." 7) On making fun of Padma Lakshmi: "So he accidentally serves the dish with lots of little bones in it.

\n My mother never understood what I liked about Hugh, my banker boyfriend with the sarcastic sense of humor and pin-striped suspenders, who would often come over to "watch movies" in my room while we were both living at home postcollege...until she walked in on us having sex and saw his, um, biggest asset. Somewhere between "How do you want your steak cooked? My crime wasn't that I was DTF, but that I didn't lock the door.

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It is, according to Amazon, "the hilarious and heartfelt memoir of quintessential city girl Alyssa Shelasky and her crazy, complicated love affair" The book "protect[s] the identities of those whom I've loved and fed" by referring to her itinerant boyfriend/cheftestapant/big pharma shill/DC chef Spike Mendelsohn simply as "Chef." It also almost totally glances over the saga of her being a topic of intense Gawker scorn because of her Glamour oversharing dating column.

In addition, Shelasky proposes new words into the "foodie" lexicon, including: "relationchef" (being in a relationship with chefs); "gastro-poetry" (voicemails in which people chew food into the phone); and "gangster eater" (someone who eats pig butt and fish eyeballs).

Suddenly, I was petrified that I'd made a mockery of my professional self and had ruined my writing career for good." 5) On her courtship with Spike: "We start to e-mail and text...

I write him that the sauce he made on last week's episode looked so good that 'I wanted to take a bath in it! It is the love affair I never want to end, the perfect storm...

Even though I’d gotten pregnant on my own terms, I didn’t want to close the door on love.

One of the many reasons that I initially felt this was the right decision for me was that I wanted to relax…Read more I’ve wanted to be a mum for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until I turned 37, last year, that I decided I was absolutely, positively done waiting.

That's a lot to juggle all at once."' Monica S.*, a 25-year-old teacher from New Jersey, experienced this strain firsthand when living at home during the early days of a promising relationship.

"I was already nervous talking to him on the phone, and on top of that, I knew my family could hear me! Over dinner, my sister or parents would make little comments, like, 'Oh, are you two bickering already? " So, Monica got a second job, saved all her money and moved out six months later.

Us two random, romantic wanderers never would have met if it weren’t for Tinder … (Solo travelers, On my last day in Paris, an un-tucked, overworked French entrepreneur named Pierre sailed into my hotel lobby via Tinder.

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