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I could live somewhere I could afford to buy a home of my own, or where I could drive five miles in less than two hours. I could live in New York or Chicago and dump my car and brave the winter. - Police named a suburban Chicago man a “person of interest” yesterday in the disappearance of his estranged wife, citing his lack of cooperation and their fears of foul play.

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Jacobson held an internship during college at KGAN-TV in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

In 2008, Amy joined WLS-AM as a contributor to both the Roe Conn Show and the Mancow & Cassidy Show.

A journalist has lost the libel lawsuit she filed against a rival station after they aired footage of her in a bikini at a pool party at the home of a man who is a person of interest in the case of his wife's disappearance.

In February 2009, a Cook County judge ruled that he would allow four counts of defamation to be considered by the courts, saying that 'the CBS newscaster presented the footage with statement made in the form of insinuations and questions regarding Jacobson activities while at the Stebic home'.

I was 38 years old, renting a guest house in Beverly Hills, and had tried for most of my adult life to meet the right guy. “No” meant “no.” To get them off the phone, I told them they could give him my phone number, or get his, or whatever. Later that day, my sister texted me his phone number with a threatening message to call him, “or else.” She continued to pester me until I finally broke down and called. Let’s meet for a drink.” I felt he was a bit taken aback by my blatant adoration of alcohol, but I didn’t care.

The final straw was a phone call with a potential suitor who admitted that he was married and believed in polyamory. The life I had hoped for, the one with a loving partner and a big dog, was not happening. Even though this was a sad realization, frankly, it was also a relief. Or maybe he called me and I called him back, I honestly can’t remember. This “date” just needed to be over and done with, and no way was I enduring it without a nice glass of red wine. I was done trying to make the perfect first impression. Not for romantic reasons, but because it was close to his place.

As one of the most distinguished and well-respected reporters in the market, Amy covered several local stories that were picked up by the NBC network.

She has been a featured reporter on the Today Show four times.

So, for all of you in this fair city who are looking for true love, I offer you this piece of advice: Give up.

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