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If you are not in the US, please contact your Members of Parliament or Congress this short film is a universal message.

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Don't talk to the bird-headed man, don't acknowledge him and don't trust him. Hi there, uh quick question is there a way to make the game into windowed mode so i can record the game itself.

The game is compatible with the xbox 360 controller but can also be played with the keyboard. If you get this email me for a reply or something (its [email protected]) thanks senpai~!

The controls are X to aim and cancel, Z to accept and to interact, and Enter for pausing.

The distressing footage shows animals fighting for their lives before being stunned to death, frantically trying to escape from pens and also appears to show workers laughing as an animal lies dying on the slaughterhouse floor.

Get contact details of your Representative here REMEMBER: ADI has rescued almost 200 circus animals following bans we have secured.

Securing laws like this ends the suffering and saves lives.

More than a dozen celebrities from the entertainment industry, including Academy, Emmy and Golden Globe winners, feature in ADI’s video supporting a federal bill to end the use of wild animals in traveling circuses in the U. The message is, “LEAVE THE ENTERTAINING TO THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE A CHOICE.” Ed Asner; Danny Boyle; Brian Blessed; James Cromwell; Jorja Fox; Tonya Kay; Kim Matula; Moby; Eric Roberts; Mindy Sterling; Eric Szmanda; Alexandra Paul; and Diane Warren all appear in ADIs ’The Reluctant Entertainers’. Explain why YOU oppose the use of animals in circuses.

Representatives Ryan Costello (R-PA) & Raul Grijalva (DA-AZ) introduced H. 1759, the Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act (TEAPSPA) to Congress. EMAIL YOUR CONGRESSMEMBER TODAY urging them to sponsor H. Say that if they have any questions about the economics of a ban, how a ban would be enforced, legal precedents, and evidence of animal suffering and public safety problems, then an ADI team in Washington this week is happy to meet them or their staff.

Animal Aid's farming and slaughter campaigns manager, Luke Steele said: "Animal Aid’s latest investigation inside a UK slaughterhouse has yet again uncovered clear evidence of law-breaking and appalling animal suffering."There is no doubt that unlawful cruelty continues to be an inherent problem in abattoirs."N Bramall and Sons opted not to comment on the footage.


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