Aquarius dating other aquarius

It’s soulmate heaven on Earth, Mercury, Venus and Uranus!Like Captain Kirk meeting Princess Leah, it’s bound to be otherworldly when you two sci-fi lovers park your spaceships in the same interplanetary dimension.

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Many people find comparing sun signs is a good way initially to determine whether a relationship may be compatible.

In traditional astrology, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are signs that are compatible with Aquarius.

As co-parents your unpredictable whims make it difficult to create a settled and secure foundation for kids.

Put two spontaneous air signs together, and you might just get an exciting, non-stop barrage of conversation and ideas. That’s the challenge in a double air-sign duo—and a noble one you might both just rise to! You’ll be the first in line to try the buzzy new restaurant, see a trending new band or get the latest i Phone upgrade.

The Aquarius man is taught life lessons as if learning by experience and rote memory – he will repeat the same lesson repeatedly until he finally has mastery over it. ” The Aquarius man is a lifelong member, so keep this in mind when you interact with him.

He has paid his dues, struggled through major challenges, and has risen above the fray.

Symbol: The Water Bearer Eleventh Sign of Zodiac Key Phrase: I know The Joker Duality: Masculine Element: Air Quality: Fixed Flowers: Orchid Trees: Fruit trees Part of the body ruled by Aquarius: The ankles, shins and circulatory system Ruling Planet: Uranus (Uranus was the first modern planet to be discovered in 1781.

In astrology, Uranus is the planet of change, the unconventional, disruption, revolution and the unexpected.) Day: Saturday Theme: Friendship Tarot Card: The Star Positive Qualities: Intelligent, inventive, original, humanistic, friendly, altruistic, sociable, reformative, ingenious and ahead of their time Best Quality: Friendliness Shadow Darker Side (weaknesses): Require too much freedom, rebels without a cause, emotionally detached, scatterbrained, irresponsible and impersonal The Aquarius zodiac sign is rebellious, creative, odd, stubborn, idealistic, altruistic, unorthodox and friendly.

Affirmation: “I attract beneficial friends and organizations to me. Aquarius is a sign symbolized by a human being (the water bearer).

I give hope to those in need.” Aquarius, the Water bearer … The eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius represents equality, groups, corporations, fraternity, democracy, organizations and friends.

Where you clash: While you romance each other intellectually, neither of you knows quite what to do with those funny things called feelings.


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