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When that happens and it suddenly seems like the former Shippers have dropped off the face of the Earth, they have Abandoned Ship.

There are also notable subversions, when what would seem like a cause to Abandon Shipping not only doesn't work, but makes the Shippers fight for it, especially in cases where theories about who will end up with who are Jossed or declared invalid by Word of God.

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The subsequent lack of "volume" in the Romance Arc, in turn, begs for compensation: having characters fall for each other out of nowhere can make any romance come across as a Token Romance, and hence what often happens is that the writers start firing every possible drama cannon so as to impress upon the viewers that .

The characters don't merely start dating nor just fall in Love at First Sight; they are thrown into a state of immense amorous passion, starry eyed, Intertwined Fingers, kissing passionately, and promising each other an eternity of happiness simply Because Destiny Says So.

Abandon Shipping is a fandom trope for an event or events which lead a Shipping fandom to abandon a pairing, irrespective of the ongoing canon or non-canon status of the pairing in the work. They'll go through everything, Fire/Ice/Lightning, nuclear explosions, you name it, but they're still sticking by their One True Pairing no matter what.

Even death is only a minor setback, thanks to the Alternate Timeline.

There are some who enjoy things like Incest Yay Shipping so even the revelation of a familial relation reveal won't stop them, but these people are by and large a minority.

Some will drop a pairing because the fans are rabid, but let's not talk about that. The result is that the two characters go through a leap of characterization all the way to a Relationship Upgrade without any of the usual in-betweens; apparently Cupid forgot to tie the Red String of Fate on the lovers' pinkies at birth, and in a desperate attempt to save face he ended up garroting them with it in a back alley while he thought the audience wasn't paying attention. True, you just met this other woman, but give her a few minutes and you'll have known her just as long. Sometimes the writers decide that the important part is getting those two characters in a relationship, and the rest will somehow sort itself out.Then there are the other types, who, when something unexpected is revealed, drop a ship faster than a hot potato.Maybe it's because a character had a deep dark secret that severely makes people question their ability to even be in a relationship, maybe they're really siblings or otherwise blood related, or maybe there's some sort of other aspect to their relationship that suddenly Squicks people.Giochi: 4,868 Partite giocate oggi: 2,684 Partite giocate: 68,980,263 Totale Iscritti: 30135 Utenti Online: 83 (0 utenti, 83 ospiti)Tanti auguri a (clicca qui per aprire la lista dei festeggiati di oggi) Abbiamo pensato di creare un'apposita categoria per i giochi Classici del Passato.


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