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"It's important to put that other person first," the actor shared.

"If you're constantly looking for ways that you can make them happy, and they're constantly looking for ways that they can make you happy, then you kind of lift each other up as much as possible and you can’t go wrong." that her and Butler’s relationship can be "very long-distance" at times, but that the key to success, for them, was communication.

It seemed so romantic— falling in love on screen , revealing it wasn't always easy dating Zac.

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"I went through a phase when I was really mean because I was so fed up.

Girls were running after him, and I was giving them death stares.

They were together before Selena and Justin, Rob and Kristen, or Taylor and all those guys. Vanessa met Zac on the set all the way back in 2005, but as most first loves do, the flame eventually faded. Having Zac Efron as a first boyfriend is quite a high point to start your dating life.

About 98% of us were not as lucky as Vanessa in this department.

Even though millions of girls around the world are crazy in love with Efron and are willing to catfight for the handsome actor every time they see him with a new love partner, they actually liked it when Efron was dating Vanessa Hudgens, because they took their onscreen relationship to the next level.

So naturally, when the two announced they were calling it quits, both Vanessa Hudgens and Efron’s fans were heartbroken.Her career has also remained steady, participating in projects such as .In honor of her turning 24 yesterday (what may be the most irrelevant birthday aside from turning 19), let’s look back at her brief but memorable romantic history.There's only one problem when you're dating one of the world's most sought-after guys, though: the fact that everyone else wants him, too.Vanessa and Zac got together about two years after their initial meeting in 2005. The movie was an instant classic when it debuted in 2006, leading to two more films.


  1. “People often think it is fake and that I have had surgeries. There is nothing fake about these curves,” she said.

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