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JYSK is a global retail chain that sells everything for the home.

JYSK is owned by founder Lars Larsen, who opened his first JYSK store in Aarhus, Denmark, in 1979.

In the Library Catalog, in World Cat and many other databases, as well as the online catalogs of most other North American research libraries, Cyrillic alphabets are transliterated into Latin characters using the Library of Congress transliteration tables, which vary slightly from language to language.

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Several other definitions of Eastern Europe exist today, but they often lack precision, are too general or outdated.

These definitions vary both across cultures and among experts, even political scientists, While the eastern geographical boundaries of Europe are well defined, the boundary between Eastern and Western Europe is not geographical but historical, religious and cultural.

Festival (2004) - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Morocco, Poland, Russia, Romania, Ukraine.

5 Festival (2005) - Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Morocco, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Ukraine.

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The collections are especially strong in Slavic philology and linguistics, Russian and other Slavic literatures, history, economics, political science, geography, and the history of religions.


  1. Picking up our all-access rail cards from a small office where we had a completely English conversation baring a token “Thanks and good bye” in Japanese.

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