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Though the film is already in production Dante and co have mounted a crowdfunding campaign through Fund Anything to help with post-production and distribution. While on set I sat down for an exclusive interview with Greene. The call times are not fun, because it takes about two hours. It’s that tragic thing that a lot of people do where you are so clinging on to someone that you actually push them away. She gets hit by a car, unfortunately, but comes back as a zombie. So when she first comes back she’s dirty, she’s crawled out of her grave, but you can see Evelyn.

There are some damn cool rewards on the table including exclusive footage, screening invites, and even lunch with Mr. She talked about what attracted her to the project, playing an emotionally unbalanced zombie, working with the effects makeup, and director Joe Dante. AHSLEY GREENE: My agents brought it to me and said, “Hey do you want to do this? Gary (Tunnecliffe) does the special effects and he’s phenomenal. Its really cool to see him create a character alongside me. So now there’s a dummy with my face on it that’s really really creepy. There’s actually two layers of contacts in my eyes on top of each other. She gets more and more hideous and more and more rotten as she tries to win back her boyfriend that she lost… I describe her almost, when she comes back as zombie Evelyn, it reminds me as bipolar disorder because her highs and lows are so extreme and she just cant control them as much as she wants to.

” “I mean you hear the horror stories of people not getting along on set.

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It made me laugh to myself and that’s usually a good sign whenever you giggle out loud to yourself when you’re reading a script like this. Joe Dante was already signed on to direct and they said they were going out to Anton and I was like, “If you guys get Anton I definitely want to do it.” I just think he’s an interesting character actor. There were a lot of pieces to the puzzle and once it all did come together we only had a few days before we shot. We’re on our last week, which is insane to me, to shoot a movie in a month, and a good movie. He’s the one to do this if anyone.” And we trust him so we completely just do whatever he says. There’s sometimes where I’m like, “Why would she do this?

So that was a bit stressful, just because we didn’t have the preparation time that we would have liked. ” And he’s like, “Because…people have done this, people will get it.” And I’m like, “Okay” He knows this whole world and how it works and I’m a newbie to it so he has kind of had to walk me through it.

At the time, the "We Can't Stop" singer's relationship with Hemsworth, 23, was on the rocks and she wasn't wearing her engagement ring.

Earlier this month, a source tells Us Khoury celebrated his birthday in Las Vegas with Greene and Hemsworth.

But it wasn’t until we got to Portland to rehearse that I realised this thing was going to be huge.

We hadn’t even started filming when my mom called and said, “do you know you have a fan site?

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to visit the set of Joe Dante‘s new film Burying the Ex, a horror comedy about Max (Anton Yelchin), a nice guy who moves in with his girlfriend Evelyn (Ashley Greene) only to find she’s a controlling nightmare. Can you kind of set up your character and what people are going to see from you?

He’s saved the burden of a nasty breakup when she dies in a freak accident, and soon after meets the girl of his dreams (Alexandra Daddario). Is it significantly more challenging than what you had to wear for the Twilight films? I think the makeup might have been more challenging on Twilight just because we didn’t have special effects doing our white makeup, and on this one its really nice because I go to special effects first and then hair and makeup does their thing on top of that. On Twilight we just went in and they had to do the whole thing and we sat there for like two hours. Also I think our characters in Twilight were so popular already before the movies came out so there were just so many more eyes looking at you, or people jerking you one way or another about what they wanted Alice Cullen’s look to be and Edward Cullen’s look to be. GREENE: Yeah, Evelyn is [laughs], she is a go-green advocate who has her own blog and is the girlfriend of Max, and she’s a bit overbearing and overprotective at times.

I think the experience is so crazy that it bonded us.

Now we really look forward to award shows because they brings us all back together.” “I honestly don’t have a lot of friends that are actors.

costar Ashley Greene is dating her ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth's best friend Paul Khoury, a source confirms to Us Weekly.


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