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This site is full of insecure, not so attractive, and shy passive boys that have no balls whatsoever. The latter problem by the way could be easily prevented by any first year computer science student and yet the admin can provide all the rest, grab the cash and yet not fix that. For the morally self righteous and intellectually bereft it is not a cheat on your wife site it is and is advertised as a dating site as well as affairs.And if you tell them you're interested they Sook and report you straightaway and AM takes their side!!! There are in fact women there for those that like to claim there was something wrong with your profile and I have met some but they also are too besieged by the scammers and the automated fake profiles which are so easy to spot according to some people to work out what is real or not.

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"We want them (the company) to feel the pain, we don't want them to profit from unlawful conduct," Ramirez told reporters in a conference call.

But she added that "it would not serve the public interest to put them out of business." Earlier this year, the dating website—whose motto had been "life is short, have an affair" rebooted, calling itself an "open-minded dating" service.

READ MORE: * Garner: The important lesson Ashley Madison leaks taught us * Kiwi email addresses exposed by hackers' Ashley Madison data * Sex, lies - and the mystery of Ashley Madison The site claims it has over 50 million users since being founded 15 years ago, up 50 per cent since the hack."We're back, we're excited and our opportunities are significant," Keable told The New York Post. The hackers suggested up to 95 per cent of users were male.

He went on to say that the news around the hack helped drive business."In the summer of 2015 we experienced unprecedented media coverage of our business." A group called the Impact Team posted a 30-day warning to Ashley Madison's then-parent company Avid Life Media to close the site down in July 2015. Tech site claimed the site was populated with more than 70,000 bots pretending to be female users and contacting hopeful men.

The fallout led to reports of blackmail and even suicides.

The financial penalty, split between the federal government and US states suing the company, would increase to .75 million to the FTC plus .75 million to states if Ashley Madison fails to abide by new information security practices and refrain from misleading consumers.For a website promoting infidelity the people employed are so not bright, nor do they listen to your concerns/emails. If they are real they are married which is really shallow. After all this time and a number of similar episodes of utter rubbish it is my conclusion the site it complete crap! They are of course the delightful company that the site is registered to and a quick google will bring you all up lots of fascinating details about them.I don't reply to emails when you're trying to explain something, they are rude, tried to insult me, and absolute morons that just don't get customer service. Paid for credit and messages which I did not receive. Yes it is a complete scam, ridiculously overpriced, designed to fleece you constantly and absolutely crawling with international scammers and fake profiles.But Keable says the company does not use fake profiles now."We shut down bots in the USA and Canada in 2014 and in Australia in early 2015. But if I wasn't and I wanted to spice up my life with a bout of infidelity, there are several dating websites designed with that in mind. But no, this company is a criminal organisation, nothing more!

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