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You can see the profile pictures of people and their interests, and then qualify YES or NO,” Tinder says in promotions for the app.“If both qualify positive, Tinder enables a chat room to communicate with the person,” the promotion continues.“With Tinder you can have casual dating, meet the love of your life, or make friends. ”Tinder also says that the app “is free and is available on i Phone and Android phones.”Tinder customers sign up via their Facebook accounts, and the app uses information from each person’s Facebook account to develop a Tinder profile.

It includes the person’s first name, age, pictures as well as any pages a person has “liked” on Facebook.

The implication in both cases is that we deliberately lure our readers hither with titillating titles, and then BAM! (It's a Faux-French thing.) She's not sorry, either, and has been chortling gleefully all evening at so successfully dashing her audience's expectations.

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Dozens of users have exhibited outrage over the swap in the review section of each application.

It’s likely that such dishonest tactics are against Facebook’s Terms of Service, but after at least ten days of complaints Facebook has yet to act.

However, on March 2, Tinder informed customers that they “would no longer be able to utilize Tinder for the functions which consumers had previously enjoyed free use.”The California man explains in his Tinder deceptive marketing class action lawsuit that he and other customers were told at that time that to continue Tinder use with “unlimited swipes” they would have to sign up for a Tinder Plus account, which costs $2.99 per month.“[Tinder’s] abrupt policy change constitutes an unfair and deceptive trade practice, put into place to forcibly migrate users to paid subscription services, in order to receive the same services that had previously been provided and advertised free of charge,” the class action lawsuit alleges, calling it “a classic bait and switch.”Warner is looking to represent a California class of Tinder users, who downloaded the app before March 2.

Here’s one swipe that isn’t going to lead to any first dates.

Plaintiff Billy Warner alleges in the Tinder class action lawsuit filed March 6 that he was deceived into thinking that the dating-app was free before the company allegedly changed its business model to a subscription based service at the beginning of March.

Warner explains in the class action lawsuit that he downloaded the Tinder app onto his i Phone in 2014.“[Tinder] lets you find people who are within a certain radius of where you are located.

What good is issuing per-application install permission when developers can replace a “good” application with a spammy one at will?

was hit with a class action lawsuit by a California man who claims that the company engaged in “a classic bait and switch” by luring users into what was advertised as a free service and then charging a fee for the service to continue knowing they’d be hooked.

The lawsuit dubs it “classic bait and switch,” and further states: [Tinder] offered these free services with the goal in mind of enlisting a user base of tens or hundreds of millions of users, with the ultimate goal of later changing the rules of participation and deceptively and forcibly migrating a substantially (sic) percentage of its user based (sic) to a paid subscription model.

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