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This series of articles contains the perspectives of several Muslim women at different stages of life who have grown up and lived in different parts of the world, East and West, and want to share some insights with Muslim men – both married and unmarried – who don’t want sexually repressed, bitter spouses and failing marriages.

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That collection included a three-part retrospective documentary focusing on the making of the film and its groundbreaking visual effects, archival featurettes that were created at the time of ’s theatrical release, more behind-the-scenes looks, and a theatrical trailer.

Director Andrew Dominik’s subversive drama isn’t exactly for everyone, but fans eager to own the pic will be greeted with four deleted scenes and a short featurette.

The Saudis plan to spend almost $1 billion, according to Benar News.

Islam is the official religion of Bangladesh, and nearly 90 percent of the population is Muslim.

Many men and women in our communities live under the illusion that only men feel desire or have an interest in being sexual, and that women should not or cannot feel attraction, do not experience sexual pleasure, and can live healthy intimate lives without sexual satisfaction for lengthy periods of time.

This leads to misunderstandings and disappointments about wanting sex, initiating intimacy, and/or feeling excitement when sexual stimulation occurs.

The “wave” of Islamist-led violence within Bangladesh began in 2013, according to magazine, and has targeted bloggers, secular activists, members of minority Muslim sects, Hindus, and at least one Buddhist monk.

In 2016, Islamic extremists attacked a cafe in Dhaka and forced hostages to recite Quranic verses or die. “Those who could were spared, while those unable to were killed,” an Open Doors representative told reporters.

With all due respect to my beloved and respected shuyukh, to whom I owe much of the knowledge I have gained about my religion, and for inspiring me to higher spiritual goals in my life, I firmly believe teaching female sexuality should be primarily handled by females – especially those who counsel on marital issues, psychologically or spiritually, and are familiar with the extended intimacy problems amongst women.

We already have issues with Muslim women not being sexually satisfied in their marriages, and these issues are exacerbated when women hesitate before approaching a male scholar to discuss their sexual challenges.

He expressed disappointment on the PM further worsening ties between the two countries instead of aiding improvement.

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