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Both the “sexy son” hypothesis and the good-gene sexual selection theory posit that physically attractive men can increase their reproductive success, not by forming long-term pair-bonded relationships (“marriages”) in which to raise and invest in children, but by having a large number of extrapair copulations with otherwise mated women and cuckolding their mates.So should more attractive parents have more sons instead?

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While many reviews have basically negated episodes 10 to 19,i felt the opposite since the mystery did deserve the resolution it found and it allows us to see depth in what would otherwise only be a cute drama. He is a versatile actor that makes Ahn Dan Tae absolutely shine. i saw you in the remember and it makes me wanna watch this even ive already dropped this on my bookmark many times! min, you are so baby face i didnt realized that youre 70's liner! This drama is so funny and kept me smiling and laughing all the way.

I also found this drama to have one of the most goodhearted second leads around who also did not literally stalk the heroine after the refusal.(another similarity it shares with Coffee Prince) D great rom com kdrama!!! The actors cast were perfect for their roles and the story is complete from start to finish. Namgung Min is so versatile as this role is a 180 from "The Girl Who Sees Smells." and Minah is deserving.

Can handsome sons achieve higher reproductive success than beautiful daughters?

Given that the probability of conception per coital act is estimated to be about .03, a man must have 33 extrapair copulation partners (with whom he has sex once each) in order to be able to expect to produce one child (number of potential conception = .99).

As a teenager he took performing arts courses and appeared in school productions..

He sang "Let Me Love You" by rhythm-and-blues vocalist Mario as his audition song and was accepted into the next round.

Great twist on kdrama Romcoms with a lead actress showcasing baldness(??? Nam gung min is utterly impressive as the "Professor Higgins" in this Pygmalion reimagining with Birth secrets and a main cast that actually shows true camaraderie.

Min ah is terrific as well and I was surprised this was her first lead role.

The older sister has everything, including a beautiful appearance, and the younger sister only has a warm heart.

One of the men lives on a rooftop apartment and the other man comes from a wealthy family.

super hilarious and at the same time so romantic!!! It contains the typical k-drama tropes but those can be ignored here because the core story is so compelling. I really recommend it I mean, who cares about the 15 age gap when the main lead looks like he just finished high school.

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