Ben and louise dating in the dark

Maybe Niall and Louise are revisiting their little romance again, secretly!

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She has golden earrings and a necklace with a golden buckle.

Although she does love Frank, Natalie doesn't seem to be particularly fond of his side of the family, as she's been known to complain that they aren't as "formal" as her side of the family.

He'll sneak her into his house in North London, often when it's dark.

She makes sure she doesn't do anything around Chelsea to try and keep the romance away from the prying eyes of her co-stars on the show." Nightly meetings?! Remember how the two had a little spring fling in May?

She seems to be rather forceful, and will do anything to get what she wants.

She first appears in the episode Secrets and Lies, as Bella sees Will and Sophie together and believes that Will is dating her, however at the end of the episode Bella discovers that Sophie is actually Will's sister.

Perhaps a new remix of Baby Got Back should be considered on Tyga’s end…

He has been in 24 celebrity relationships averaging less than one year each.

When Verdona wanted to take Gwen to Anodyne, but needed her parents confirmation, Natalie replied she at least wanted Gwen to take on her side of the family while exchanging dirty looks with Verdona, but would let her go to Anodyne.


  1. Do something nice for your chat partner and show them that you care.

  2. Like any true "before and after" situation, we chatted about why we chose our original Tinder photos and had Max give us his (brutally honest) professional opinion. Why he chose it: “My roommate (female) suggested I include a photo with ladies in my profile. The logic: It shows that attractive women like me (still single, ladies).

  3. that's not even close," I told her, not fully considering the implications of the coming situations. So, does this mean marriage has "jumped the shark" and become obsolete? After all, marriage is a legal and/or spiritual binding of two people…

  4. The story is about the son of an Ifugao chieftain named Joseph who returns to his tribe after the death of his father (an Ifugao chieftain who was killed in a tribal dispute with the Alimit...

  5. “I wouldn’t say it concerned me that last season the couples didn’t work out because every marriage is different and every relationship is different,” Season 3 participant Vanessa Nelson tells The Post.

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