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Employees need to know what is expected of them on the job: who they report to, what their responsibilities and duties are, and what limitations there might be.If people lack this sort of guidance, they can easily get off track.

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Whenever a job’s tasks and responsibilities get changed, the job description needs to be immediately updated to reflect those tweaks.

Even if the nature of the job doesn’t change whatsoever, whenever there are adjustments to a company’s pay or benefits structures, the old information on the job description needs to be updated.

If your job description is either too sparse or convoluted, or out of date, you’ll probably get fewer applications than if it were more current and succinct.

There are multiple reasons to revisit your job descriptions, the most common of which include: This reason is the most obvious, but also the most critical.

Therefore, the focus of senior-level compensation and benefits specialists is on compensation and benefits as they relate to employee performance, company goals, sales incentive plans, and executive bonuses, among others.

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"Job description" is a very mundane title for a document that serves so many important functions in an organization.

Often outdated, overlooked, and under-considered, the failure to deal seriously with these humble documents can trigger considerable organizational erosion.

At the heart of the recruitment process lies the general concept that a company needs to hire people to complete certain tasks or group of tasks within the organization.

The description of the various responsibilities of each position can usually be found within the "job description" or "job specification" that is typically put together by business owners or managers.

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