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I’m a work-on-one-screen-and-stream-animal-cams-on-the-other kind of person. Which means I’m also the kind of person who has a long list of animal cam links on regular rotation in my bookmarks bar.The list below, in no particular order, includes 9 cams I find myself returning to again and again.For a few sites, if you stop paying for the service, the site cuts ties fairly quickly. Even after you follow all the required steps, some sites never quite leave you alone, with vestiges of your relationship around forever.

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You don't want to rush into a breakup, but if you're ready, we've compiled the links, tips, and—in the most extreme cases—the phone numbers you need to sever ties.

(And let's be clear, there's a difference between deleting an account and just deactivating it.

According to several mechanical engineers, climbing hardware (biners, cams, nuts) is almost always safe unless it displays obvious faults such as cracks, deep gouges, or doesn’t function smoothly.

The following tips can serve as parameters for when to retire your gear, but as with all things climbing, use good judgment — if you doubt a piece, replace it.

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Losing half your rack to an unplanned escape is one thing, but decommissioning gear is quite another.

A couple of years ago, I set up a second computer display on my desk as a tool to improve my productivity.

Turns out, though, I’m not a work-on-two-screens kind of person.

Sometimes you may find board requests that want you to fetch certain types of flower bouquets.


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