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Phone Cam 2.0 now integrates Sensr, providing a free webcam image server with lots of great features.Sensr includes support for motion detection, DVR, alerts, and uploading and sharing images on Facebook and Twitter.So it developed Presence, an app designed to quickly convert your backup i Phone, i Pad or i Pod Touch into a quasi-security-camera.

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Apple introduced i Sight at the 2003 Worldwide Developers Conference, It was intended to be used with i Chat AV, Apple's video-conferencing client.

The name was originally used for the external i Sight webcam, which retailed for US$149, connected to a computer via a Fire Wire cable, and came with a set of mounts to place it atop any then current Apple display, laptop computer, all-in-one desktop computer, or flat surface.

People Power knows that you probably have a nice assortment of outdated (but still decently functional) i OS devices at home.

And if they're just taking up space anyway, you might as well find a clever way to repurpose them.


My future daughter-in-law just received this warning from a friend on her page.

Presence works on i OS 6.1 or newer and is optimized for i Phone 5.

Still, it will work on the i Phone 3GS and newer, i Pad 2 and newer and i Pod Touch 4G and 5G.

It allows you to share your captured images with your friends, everyone, or keep them private.


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  4. Though there were some limits to which photos security analysts were allowed to see, with bulk searches limited to metadata, security analysts were allowed to see "webcam images associated with similar Yahoo identifiers to your known target".

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