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If they get married, Geraldo can be best man, Greta can be maid of honor.Patsy Ramsey, John’s wife and Jon Benèt’s mother, died of cancer last June.

Both Natalee and Matt moved to Mountain Brook, Alabama to live with their mother and new step-father.

Natalee was a member of the National Honor society, school dance team, and other extra curricular activities.

Natalee flew to Aruba with around 100 of her fellow students on Thursday, May 26, 2005.

The Mountain Brook High School senior class was only supposed to be in Aruba for 5 days. However, due to the circumstances, we have learned that the 4 chaperones may not have been enough supervision for the trip.

“I have great respect for Beth and how she’s handled her terrible situation.

We’ve developed a friendship of respect and admiration.” Fox says that John, 63, and Beth, 46, met last summer at a fundraiser and have been dating since January.Authorities now say they feel confident this case will be solved soon.Correspondent Troy Roberts gets an exclusive, inside look at the investigation and at new clues police are considering. This one speaks 2,000 words to me," says Gerold Dompig, Aruba's lead investigator in the Natalee Holloway case, as he looks at what may be the last picture taken of the teen.The photo, shown publicly for the first time by 48 Hours, was discovered by the FBI in the camera of one of Natalee's classmates.For Dompig, the picture is a constant reminder of his toughest case.This is consistent with what John Ramsey had said in People: that he was "quiet." Dr.


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