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It follows Willowdean (Danielle Macdonald), nicknamed Dumplin, a confident, plus-sized teen who, to spite her beauty pageant queen mom (Jennifer Aniston), enlists in a local pageant.

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I made it through the first round of Audrey auditions and never heard anything back really.

And I thought, ‘This would be really fun, but I guess I wasn’t right for it.’ Then a few months later, I got a call saying, “Hey, do you remember movies beforehand?

Enstars: Where is Audrey at this season compared to last?

Bex Taylor-Klaus: At the end of last season, we know that Audrey has some explaining to do and is hiding more things than we realize.

She has two siblings; Syd Taylor-Klaus and Josh Taylor-Klaus.

In mid-2012, Taylor-Klaus moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

While she was in Los Angeles, she attended Bridges Academy.

Her first notable professional role was that of Bullet, a homeless street-wise lesbian teen, on the third season of the television drama The Killing on AMC, which aired in 2013.

A video of the passionate session goes viral, and the whole school is buzzing about her bisexuality—until one of the most popular girls in school is found dead, floating in her own pool.

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