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BBM messages worked by giving you a unique pin number that you use to send free group messages across a community of friends without giving out your actual phone number.

The low price point and pay-as-you-go payment options made it a favorite among youth priced out by the then-inaccessible i Phone.

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Messenger messaging app available other smartphones enjoy texts, voice notes calls.

If you are looking for BB Pins in Nigeria, BB Pins of girls in Nigeria or BB Pins on Facebook, you need to check out the page asap.

BB PIN Nigeria is a new Facebook Page created to bring Blackberry users together in a way that will facilitate friendship and promote unity among Nigerian Blackberry users.

All you just need to do, is to visit the Page, Click on "Like" and Post your BB Pin on the wall.

Anyone interested in you will surely grab your PIN from the wall, send you a request and start Pinging....After what is called a “hard stop”—a tactic where police box a vehicle in and take the occupant by surprise to make an arrest—Duggan was shot in the chest.Police claim that Duggan was armed, and despite the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) ruling that Duggan “did not open fire,” his death would eventually be classified as a “lawful killing.” The morning after Duggan’s death, a peaceful protest took place in his neighborhood of Tottenham.Organized by community leaders, friends, and families, the protest steadily grew in numbers and morphed into riots across the city.Over the next five days, thousands of people across the UK took to the streets; there was looting, police clashes, and violence.What followed was a conversation we all knew well back then: the classic Blackberry Messenger (or BBM) PIN request – aka how many of us used to chat before Whatsapp took over. Although the pair had a less than smooth beginning when Stephen cheated on Charlotte, then his secret girlfriend during his appearance on Celebs Go Dating, they now seem smitten.

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