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Tech Crunch understands that (formerly known as Go Butler) has, at least partially, been acqui-hired by Amazon.The company is launching Allo, its AI-centric messaging app for i OS and Android that offers an early peek at some of its most robust artificial intelligence capabilities yet.Facebook is not the only company -- let alone the first -- which has a bot store.

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Our current focus is to provide a complete, comprehensive resource of low polygon, real-time 3D models - the virtual 3D equivalent of a Hollywood prop department, enabling our customer's to quickly and easily build Virtual Realities (Web 3D), visualizations and simulations, that won't break the budget - polygon or financial.

The first phase of 3D Virtual Reality (Cyberspace), over the next few decades will duplicate reality - the good and the bad, the healthy and the unhealthy.

While the authors do not test their hybrid tools in the field, it is an interesting way for 3D printing to be used in constructive / restorative archeology.

Having written about 3D printed guns, I had to laugh at “Liberator Variations” by Kyle Mc Donald.

Even if you haven’t realized it yet, bots are everywhere.

Messaging looks set to disrupt the computing landscape but not for any of the reasons you might expect.

Popular communication service Slack has also been ramping up its efforts around bots and figuring out different ways to enhance its customers' experience.

Two weeks ago, Microsoft also announced a bot platform.

Josh Constine, reporting for Tech Crunch: Facebook will now allow businesses to deliver automated customer support, ecommerce guidance, content, and interactive experience through "Bots on Messenger", Facebook's term for chatbots.


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  5. You can create private chat rooms and invite people you choose.

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