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Through all the romantic twists and turns, it appears that Dean and Brandi have been able to remain on friendly terms."Let the games begin @Deansheremet," Brandi shared on Twitter when teasing the announcement."Don't let me too close to the knives."She added, "@Deansheremet glad we've stayed friends over the years &that we are all finally in a good place #drinking&cooking." is reportedly based on a popular Australian show.

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It was reported last year that the romantically challenged reality star had signed on to Tinder, and now the New York Post reports that she’s happily dating a single father whom she met through the app.

“He’s not in the industry,” said a source — which is likely for the best.

He gives me his phone and is like, “Put your number in it.” We have just been on a handful of dates. Just get ready for that.” FOX411: Do you see Theo as being a potential father figure for your children?

Is that because of what happened in your previous marriage? You definitely don’t get over it, but you get through it.

We do know Dean recently released a new book filled with recipes titled style."I think we should do #Top Chef housewives!! "With all the cook books let's see who can actually burn @Andy I'm sooo in!

star Lisa Vanderpump's restaurants Sur and Villa Blanca, unknowingly dated Cibrian while he was still married to Brandi Glanville and having an affair with Le Ann Rimes.

In case you need a refresher, Eddie Cibrian's ex (on more than one occasion) shared gossip that accused the 38-year-old model of having foul smelling lady bits.

Understandably, Miz Krupa was pissed AF about the claims and hit the where she claimed she heard from Yolanda Hadid's ex Mohamed Hadid that Joanna Krupa has a smelly vagina.

That is always fun.” Glanville, 43, spoke more about her new show, “Housewives” co-stars and blooming relationship with comedian Theo Von: FOX411: What attracted you to Theo? I am like, “Slow your roll there a little bit.” But he is funny. FOX411: There are reports that Snoop Dogg is trying to date you…

BRANDI GLANVILLE: I like that he is very confident. FOX411: Under what circumstance would he call you that? I told him “One day I am going to sue you for defamation of character. If you go over to his house, there are pictures of his nephews all over, which I think is super sweet.

FOX411: You have said you need to learn to trust again.


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