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While using dating services might have raised eyebrows in the past, today they are not only acceptable but fashionable.

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Match made in heaven: this couple know all about perfect partnerships NOT everyone in the world is lucky enough to meet their ideal partner by pure chance.

Some require a little more intervention when it comes to finding true love.

I can say that level of trust in our business has remained solid in this regard, and this has contributed to our growth and success. As we've been trusted with bigger, more complex projects, the challenge, then is to allocate our resources wisely enough that we can make good on the key milestones of our clients' campaigns or construction projects.

It's kind of like Tetris, or putting pieces of a puzzle together, and there is some trial and error involved in how to be the most efficient we can be as a team.

Finding love has now become a very lucrative business.

Rena Maycock and Feargal Harrington know all about the dating game.

My business partner and I actually started our first business when we were 22.

After the recession we had a few years ago, we both went back to school to reinvent ourselves, but we never lost the urge to own a business. The failure of our first business was a hard pill to swallow, but my business partner and I learned a lot from it.

Not only because they are engaged to each other and due to marry in June of this year but because, together, they own and run Intro Matchmaking, one of Ireland’s top dating agencies.

“Dating can be difficult for many people, particularly if you are not into the pub or club scene,” explains Rena.

The last factor, which has actually kept our customer retention rate up, is customer service.


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