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Shown above is a picture of what the shroud of Turin looks like when it is completely stretched out to its full length of 14 feet 3 inches (4.4 Meter) and width of 3 feet 7 inches (1.1 Meter).

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These include Nyoscyamus aureus, Artemisia herba-alba and Onosma syriacum. Image on the Shroud The shadowy image on the shroud is, of course, its most unique and enigmatic feature.

It displays the complete dorsal and frontal image of a severely abused and crucified individual of Semitic characteristics who was laid on the proximal portion of the cloth with the distal portion folded over the head and extended over the body thus creating, through some as yet unexplained chemical or physical process, two "head to head" images of the back and front.

What Jesus really looked like may not be as in the portraits of Jesus we see everyday.

The real Jesus face and the best picture of Jesus is the photo of Jesus we get from the miracle image on the burial clothes of Jesus known as the Shroud of Turin.

The Vancouver Shroud Association is pleased to consider local, national and international Man of the Shroud exhibitions.

For all information requests and other inquiries, please contact us.

Links Accuracy of the Details Further Reading Completing the History The Pollen Trail What is the Sudarium? First of all, I wish to explain that while it is the business of this site to grapple with controversial evidence, nothing is presented here without a good deal of reflection, prayer and the scrutiny of one trained in science.

Questions raised by the skeptics have been answered.

Arrangements can be made via the VSA to have speakers.

Costs associated with lecturers are not included in the exhibit contract and must be arranged with the Shroud presenter directly.

The shroud has been subjected to numerous scientific tests over the years culminating in 1988 with a radiocarbon measurement and dating procedure.


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