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The Trinity Broadcasting Network began with Paul and Jan Crouch's dream and vision to build a Christian television network that spanned the whole world.

From the time it began broadcasting on , the dream grew and now is the largest Christian television network in the world. Especially when facing life's difficulties, they'll always find positive Christian programming.

Tucked in a dark corner of our basement storage room, there is a big, clear Rubbermaid stuffed with the artifacts of my youth. I was surprised at the way this seemed to strike a chord with readers.

Programmes that offer hope, encouragement, and friendly smiles. Across America, TBN is carried by TV stations and cable Systems to millions of homes.

Around the world it is seen on over 2000 broadcast stations and 17 satellites. Programmes are translated into numerous foreign languages at TBN's state-of-the-art facilities at the International Production Center in Irving, Texas.

I went down and dug the whole thing out a few weeks ago, after I wrote on the anomaly of the Christian bookstore and the strange mix of nostalgia and angst it elicits in me.

I’m talking about the children of the late 70s, the 80s, and early 90s who were raised less in the fluorescence of American pop culture than in the soft glow of the Christian subculture.

(Also, thousand-dollar dinners, and a separate luxury hotel room for Janice Crouch’s beloved Maltese lapdogs, do not count as assets.)In 1989, in the wake of the [Jim and Tammy Faye] Bakker scandal, the National Religious Broadcasters, a voluntary association, investigated complaints that TBN had violated ethical standards. Martin, a former producer of “Praise the Lord,” who said he had been fired after questioning the Crouches’ financial practices and moral fitness.

He specifically complained that at a TBN staff prayer meeting Crouch asked God to kill a man who had petitioned the Federal Communications Commission to take over the network’s flagship station in Orange County. They talk about the “little grandmas” who send in their love gift every month.

Like our secular peers, we wore zoobas and poet shirts and big, hot pink hair scrunchies…but we also wore Jesus fish charms and WWJD bracelets and t-shirts with catchy Christian slogans.

We remember, of course, Ace of Base and New Kids on the Block, but our musical foundation was formed by Michael Smith, Amy Grant, DC Talk, the Newsboys.

TBN's cinematic achievements include "China Cry," "The Revolutionary (The Life of Jesus)," "The Revolutionary II", "The Emissary (The Life of Paul)", "The Omega Code" and "The Heart Of a Champion" starring Carman.

Trinity Music City, USA is Nashville's newest tourist attraction.

Paul Crouch died of heart failure on Saturday, at 79.


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  6. The Trinity Broadcasting Network began with Paul and Jan Crouch's dream and vision to build a Christian television network that spanned the whole world.

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