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Who Tony Romo dated; list of Tony Romo loves, ex girlfriends; breakup rumors.

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Things aren’t going well for me at the moment.” Notes from all over Quincy Jones says he can’t do anything to help former protégés Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston with their comebacks. Joey Fatone says that he joined “Dancing With the Stars” to lose weight. “I could give two [bleeps] about them,” the "Fantastic Four" star tells Parade.

“I couldn’t help them,” the legendary producer told the London Express. “I’ve actually (been) asked to do the show from the very first season,” Fatone told CNBC’s Donny Deutsch, but he says he was always busy. Let’s give it a shot.’” He says he’s now in the best shape of his life. “They’re so lame, I can’t even believe that’s a real job.

Romo asked Underwood to give him space for his career once before, and she did, but this time, the request has hit a sour note with her, says the source, who adds, “Carrie wants a firm commitment from Tony.” Sick Spears spotted Looks like Britney Spears needs the help of her manager and others she keeps badmouthing.

The "Toxic" singer was reportedly spotted being carried out of a men’s room where she had been sick, her makeup smeared and wig askew, according to the London Sun.

She is supposedly dating the cute Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, you know, the guy Jessica Simpson was recently linked to.

Tony let the cat out of the bag during a recent interview.

"As you step off that stage, you're pretty much alone," revealed the 26-year-old singer, who is currently dating hockey player Mike Fisher.

But now, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback has told Underwood that he wants to bench their relationship during the football season, according to the National Enquirer.

But those ladies never ended up with the quarterback.

Instead, Romo married 2008 Miss Missouri USA Candice Crawford.

In Touch reports: Sports editor Brian Nielsen tells In Touch: "After I asked him all my usual football questions, I said, 'My wife really wants to know if the Jessica Simpson dating rumors are true.' "He laughed and replied, 'No.


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