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They are an American manufacturer of premium, hand-crafted traditional pocket knives that are commonly passed down through generations. Case & Sons Cutlery Company started making knives in 1889.It was unearthed in Hallstatt, Austria, and it features a single blade with a bone handle.

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Introducing children to knives may be a challenging proposition; however, it is a necessity, and responsible adults can make the process a worthwhile learning experience.

Every home has one – either in the kitchen, the work room, or the desk drawer.

I purchased 2 books to give as a gift to some of the men in my family.

When I received the package, I, out of more curiosity than anything began to read the forward and introduction and was immediately drawn in by the colourful characters and the 140 years of american history.

I put on a pot of coffee and let myself get lost in the twist and turns of the Case family. This is a book for anyone who would like to spend some time with a family who pursued the "American Dream".

I am immediately ordering even more books to pass on.All Case traditional pocket knives and cutlery are made in the USA.Case is known for their traditional slip joint and locking pocket knives.They offered three versions of the 4 blade knife, one version of the 2 blade knife and one version of the 2 blade knife with a bone handle.All others had the mottled green "mother of pearl" or striped green celluloid handles.Here’s a bit of the history behind the iconic knife.

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