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However, just because it's available over the counter does not mean that it cannot cause adverse effects.

This is especially true when it comes to pregnant women.

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He is the author of 19 bestselling books including his mega best sellers: The Only Answer to Cancer and The Only Answer to Surviving Your Illness and Your Doctor. His IBMS Stress Reduction CD set is the most endorsed and most sold of all time.

Discovering his gifts at a very early age, he single-handedly cured his own mother of Hepatitis C, Liver Cirrhosis, and Liver Cancer, she had been given a diagnosis of a terminal state and a prognosis of only 6 months to live.

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Depression during pregnancy is not to be taken lightly.

It is a severe medical condition that...6/25/2016 - A daily diet of fast food during pregnancy can dramatically increase the risk of obesity in the next three generations of a woman's descendants, even if those descendants eat a healthy diet themselves, according to a shocking new study conducted by researchers from Washington University School of Medicine,...6/24/2016 - There is now another reason to be concerned about the effects of antidepressant use, particularly if you're pregnant.

Today, 43 years later, she is still alive and healthy! Coldwell’s successful career, he has to date, cured over 35,000 cancer patients (studies have concluded that he has a 92.3% cancer cure rate).

Recognizing the need to educate the loved ones right along side of his cancer patients, Dr.

The lawsuit states Good is seeking monetary damages of at least ,000 for back pay; statutory liquidated damages; expert witness fees; attorneys’ fees, costs and front pay; compensatory damages; and punitive damages.

According to the lawsuit, Good has “suffered and will continue to suffer emotional distress and loss of salary, benefits and other terms, privileges, and conditions of employment,” as a result of being fired.

The religious exemption stated “an employee was exempt from the mandatory vaccine policy if the employee provided a religious exemption form signed by the employee’s clergyman.


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