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The function looks something like this: If a cell enters edit mode and the value is changed, then the value displayed in the cell is not updated with the formatted version.However, if a cell enters edit mode and then leaves edit mode with no changes, the formatted value from our function is applied.

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We have a simple datagrid where the first column contains a Vendor Number and the second is a read-only column containing the name of that vendor.

Users can freely enter into the first column, and in the Cell Validation event, we verify that the format of what they entered is correct and then lookup the number they entered to populate the second column with the name.

The validating event handler can only update the cell value if that value was not actually changed during editing. In your actual setup indeed it is more appropriate to use the Cell End Edit event because you would want to change the actual cell`s value.

Rad Grid View provides a convenient way to perform validation before data is committed to the underlying data source.

In the Grid View Data Error Event Args you have access to the row/column index and the exception.

provides a convenient way to realize data validation before it is committed to the underlying data source.

Here is a list of all validation events: Cell Validating: Fires when a cell loses input focus, enabling content validation.

Cell Validated: Fires after the cell has finished validating. Row Validated: Fires after a row has finished validating.

but when I check an error occurs and tells that the value is null: if(column1.currentrow.column["My Coulmn"].value! event fired whenever the current row changed, not just only when editing only. Look like the Value Changing event is triggered while in editing. This is not needed in my case where I want to validate the new value when user pressed the Enter key. The Cell Validating event fires whenever user clicks on a row, not just in edit mode. Maybe because it could host other type of controls?

=null) // Runtime Error: Value is null, use new keyword! Error Text or cancel the operation, i just added them both here for clarity purposes. There is no need to validate data when there is no user input! Anyway, I get around it by using a edit flag like below.

Now the application display the error message as "Enter Name".


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