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She sabotaged his plan by running away with the moonstone, which bound the curse, and then tricked Rose into feeding her her blood so she could turn herself into a vampire.

Because Katherine was no longer human, her blood no longer was a viable component of the ritual to undo the curse.

Klaus was so infuriated with Katherine's sabotage, that she was forced to live on the run for over 500 years as he hunted her down.

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Once that last bell rings, this stupid town will go up in flames, and everybody will go poof.

She was also the second-known Petrova Doppelgänger of Amara and a former vampire.

She was the main antagonist of Season One (mostly off-screen through John Gilbert's and Isobel's actions, as both were working for her in order to kill off the tomb vampires), and one of the main antagonists of Season Two, the second half of Season Four and the first half of Season Five. Katherine can be considered the main antagonist of the series overall due being a major antagonist in the first, second, fourth, fifth and eight seasons and all the antagonists that were a result of her actions.

After giving birth to a baby girl out of wedlock when she was seventeen in 1490 and being forced to give the baby up for adoption, she was disowned by her father for the shame she brought her family.

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