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Chitral located in the North west of Pakistan is a beautiful valley in the Hindukush range of Mountains.

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Nyingma tradition First, concerning the spread of the Nyingma teachings, chiefly the Jangter, it seems that Gödem’s disciple Drupchen Palden Gyaltsen founded a temple at Yangri Gang, as foreseen in the Guru’s list of prophecies.

In the ‘Chariot of certainty’ biography of Rikdzin Surya Senge, it is said that Druptop Gyaltsen Bum had earlier founded a temple at Yangri in fulfillment of the prophecy, and there is an oral tradition to that effect, but Gyaltsen Bum’s biography confirms the founder as Gödem’s disciple Palden Gyaltsen, and states that Gyaltsen Bum restored it and resided there.

Chitral valley is located in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan.

Step by step, out of the infertile brown hills of Afghanistan, the mountain of Hindukush enters into Pakistan, the valleys between each of the ridges forming jewels of green oases unrelenting by the grey scow-fed rivers that rush down their slopes.“Law enforcement agencies reached here on time otherwise they would have killed all of us,” said local Kalash politician Imran Kabeer.

Chitral is a small town with a one single street bazaar and a few tourist class hotels.

At the end of Bazaar on the right (River side) there is the Chitral fort and Palace of Mehtar (Mir Or King) In front of the Fort is the Jami Mosque of Chitral an impressive architecture with beautiful inlays and decorations.

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It comprises of a total of three valleys of Rumbur, Birir and Bumburet.

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Namkhai Norbu : The crystal and the way of light : Sutra, Tantra, Dzogchen : The teachings of namkhai Norbu, compiled and edited by John Shane ; Routledge & Kegan Paul, London and New York, 1986, 1st edition 3.

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